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By ric on October 30, 2013 in Music Videos

Several weeks ago, we wrapped our final production meeting with the up and coming artist, Ulrika, feeling very good. The video consisted of Fighting Girls, Stunts, Intense Lighting and fun dance routines all shot on the RED Epic. The choreography rehearsals had been fantastic, the vision was coming together, and Steven Pitts, our director, had even decided to add pyrotechnics into the mix! The video was exciting everyone until we confirmed details with our location, whom were unhappy with the use of fire and withdrew their participation. Even after dialing the vision back to the originated idea, we were five days from the shoot with no confirmed facility and only 20% confirmation of participants in the video.
Steven had a back up plan in mind and confirmed a new location which had been changed to an interior instead of an exterior space. The stunt coordinators were booked and all the elements had fallen into place, only thing left to accomplish this epic underground female fight club scene was to get a large amount of female extras. We put out a huge casting call out on all social networks inviting women to be a part of the video. The only catch was that it was from 10:00PM to 4:00AM. We could only hope that we would have the right amount of people for the video!
We arrived at 4PM ready to set up and it was pouring with rain. Thank God we had changed to an Interior location! We loaded all the gear in and everyone promptly got to work. Art department dressed the scenes while G&E placed lights on stands. As Justin Dombroski (1st AC) and Richard Volsky (Steadicam operator) were setting up for Steadicam, I was informed that we are having technical issues. The Steadicam rig had shorted out and overheated leaving the monitor smoking and useless. Richard had to adapt and do everything from an overhead monitor with Colin Quinn (DP), worked along side him to ensure fluidity.
Next, we moved to working with the 12ft T jib. Unfortunately, the tripod the camera sits on had been slightly damaged on a previous shoot, so we were limited on movement. Colin compiled a list of achievable shots with Steven and as we started shooting, we lost power to the monitor. Steven was about to call, “Cut!” when Justin ran onto the scene and began directing Colin’s movements, ensuring that he kept Ulrika in frame and in focus.
Overall, the shoot was an overwhelming success, the Stunt team really made sure we got the most realistic footage possible. Ulrika survived the night Dancing, Performing and Fighting, giving us incredible footage. The energy was high and electrifying all the way to 4am. The 54 women that participated were incredible and were great fun to work with. All together made a fresh, energetic and aesthetically beautiful piece.

Go check out Ulrika’s single, “Animal” on our Portfolio Page!

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