Smells Like Teen Spirit [Cover]

By ric on November 20, 2013 in Music Videos

This music video is one of our latest Passion Projects where everyone comes together to make a little bit of magic for the pure love of filmmaking. The music for this track was Produced by our very own Paris Schulman who had the vocals performed by Naz Tokio. Once the track had been completed, everyone at RITE Media Group were excited to start creating visuals to the music.

Steven Pitts, Colin Quinn and Paris locked themselves away and came up with the overall concept of a girl stuck in her own purgatory as she continually attempts to drown herself in the lake, only to have her wake back at the beginning of her nightmare, having to retrace her steps but each time in a more oppressive and darker environment. We all loved the concept and couldn’t wait to pull out all the stops for this project. The biggest appeal to the collective was that this concept required underwater shots that would significantly raise the level of production if we executed the shots efficiently. As we understood the underwater footage was so important, we scheduled it for a separate day so we wouldn’t be rushed.

We already had one RED Epic camera in house but considering the Shot List had been revised to 53 shots for Day 1, it was evident that we needed to secure a second Epic in order to achieve our day. Richard Volsky geared up and came out with his Steadi-Cam rig for our running shots, BJ Williams came out with his 12ft T-Jib for our birds-eye shots; and Ben Hamilton and Derek Arwood who operated the Octocopter Drone that achieved all of our arial shots. Our gear list was getting more exciting by the day and after a week of searching, Paris had the Underwater Housing Unit flown in from Ft.Lauderdale so we could shoot Epic Slow Motion footage as our actress entered the water, take after take.

When deciding on whom was going to be the featured actress for this video, Paris knew his first choice was Kayleen Scott, a model with no acting experience who he really felt would deliver a raw performance. After enduring 6 hours of hair treatment the night before, Kayleen was styled for camera by Sasha Versa and Erica Bogart before spending the next 10 hours running through her own hell, emoting different levels of distress each take. She laid in mud, broke toenails, had ‘Maynard’ the snake slither over her and then took to plunging in the lake several times before running a 1/4 mile trail that led to a heated tent with plenty of towels. Not to mention, it was early November! Our 2nd AD, Jacob Kiesgen was submerged in his wet suit offering safety, support and comfort in between each take. Our biggest obstacle during our first day shooting was controlling the 3 industrial foggers that we constantly had to reposition whenever the wind changed direction. This would result in our set being flipped by 180 degrees to accommodate our 53 shots in the required foggy atmosphere.

The underwater housing had arrived from Ft. Lauderdale and our scuba gear had been checked and all equipent loaded as we embarked on Day 2.We arrived at the dark bottomed pool and began dressing it with fake plant life and rigged an air compressor to provide a constant stream of controllable bubbles. Meanwhile, the camera team got into their scuba gear and ran final checks on the camera. Once all was set and ready to go, we got situated in the water. Steven Pitts was directing from under the water, so visual cues were created so that the shots could run off lile clockwork. After every take, Steven would resurface, give his directorial notes and the cues would adjust accordingly. Overall, this was a very smooth and successful production from inception to completion. We think you’d agree from the final result; Go Check it out if your haven’t seen Smells Like Teen Spirit [COVER]

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