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“Girlfriend” Watch The Duck ft T.I. Musicvideo Produced by RITE Media Group. Directed by Richard Volsky and Steven C Pitts. Written by Sam Green (Producer/1stAD).

“Girlfriend” was a musicvideo that Watch The Duck and RITE Media Group had been discussing for several months and every time we revisited the idea, it got bigger and better and eventually gained the interest of T.I. who wanted to add his flare to the track. Once the song was finished, we went into full pre production mode in order to hit our target day of Sunday 23rd February [only 5 days away].
Originally we were planning to shoot this video at the Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta, however, the last minute rush was too demanding for them. Luckily, MJQ were eager to host the video and we even spilled into The Drunken Unicorn for our technical gear and Extras Holding.
The concept of  “Girlfriend” is centered on a Girl accused of cheating whilst on a night out with her girlfriends. So the next stage for us was Casting. We held the casting call at our studio in Grant Park and had 41 girls audition for the 6 available spots. They danced, they yelled, they entertained and 4 hours later we had our ‘Lead Girls’. All we had to do now was get our props and pick up the last of our equipment rentals.
We arrived at MJQ at noon and started loading in all the gear whilst our friends from Area51Presents set up their crazy motorized lighting equipment.  The Lead Girls started going through the works as the extras started signing in. Two hours later we were set and ready for the First Shot.
Watch The Duck’s front man Jessie was first up. We had girls grinding on podiums in a yellow and red world of crazy color. Next up was Eddie in the DJ Booth. The day was moving along and the extras were over 100 at his point, it was time to turnt up! So we did exactly that when we got to Jonathans scene on the dance floor. If it wasn’t for the abundance of sweat, you wouldn’t have been able to move in the crowd. Steven Pitts and Colin Quinn got around this issue by shooting atop ladders, making the club seem even bigger than it was.  Steven organized a dance circle where our extras took it in turns to show off some funky moves for the camera right before we headed into lunch.
It was time for the main event. T.I. was on his way and the crew were doing everything in their power to make sure we were ready to go as soon as he showed. We had T.I. park his vehicle infront of the building and shot his entrance before headed underground to MJQ where T.I. jumped over the bar and delivered an insane performance time after time. Not to mention he was acting the whole time too, serving drinks, interacting with customers and performing to camera. There was alcohol going everywhere, hands in the air and girls on top of the bar. It was organized chaos and our MJQ contact, Murph was a true gentleman about it.

T.I. was a true professional, especially when it came to repeating his actions to ensure there were no issues with continuity. He had the 150+ person crowd under his spell and we continued to have fun while shooting some musicvideo magic. Watch The Duck were amazing on set, they were very engaging with their fans and had great presence on camera. They made our lives very easy on the day. All this couldn’t have been done without the excellent communication and support of my fantastic crew here at RITE Media Group. A big thanks to all involved, especially to my production support who returned MJQ to its former glory once we Wrapped.
Look out for the video in the coming weeks.

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